Holiday Lets And Rentals Sydney & Rural NSW

The Best Executive Holiday Rentals in NSW

By the same token, somebody hoping to rent for a short-term business break may want a smaller property, or even an apartment, that is close to amenities without sacrificing on their own personal space. In these instances, you may want to have easy access to the local gym, or you may want the property in question to have a decent-sized patio area or balcony to enjoy some fresh air.

Consider specific factors


While the above may act as a good rule of thumb, there are additional factors that you may need to consider. Does the property in question have housekeeping services (and if so, how often should you expect them), will you have a local employee close-by should you have any issues, does the property in question boast any security features and is there ample parking space for the number of cars that you may be using or that may need to visit? All of these and more could make a huge difference to the ideal property, so it may be worthwhile to write down anything that could affect the quality of your stay before you begin viewing, as well as defining questions that you may want to ask your agent as you go along.


Once you have the above in mind, you will be better informed when it comes to choosing the right executive holiday rental property for you.