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Ducted air conditioning is a type of conditioning system that uses Freon to cool down the inside of a home or office. Instead of relying on refrigerant to cool the interior, it uses Freon that acts as a solvent that removes heat from the air. It is a great alternative to traditional refrigeration because it does not have any moving parts and is quite easy to use. However, it can be very expensive to install because it is usually part of a split system aircon that uses ductwork to move the air to the rooms. If you do not have your own HVAC ducts installed, you will not be able to use this type of system.

Split air conditioning systems are made up of a Freon tube in the back and a condensing unit at the front. The Freon heats up the refrigerant to make the refrigerant gas cooler so that it can be released into the air. When air comes in it passes through the Freon back into the compressor where the gas turns into a low moisture vapour and enters the condensing unit where cold water is condensed to make the refrigerant gas even colder. When the air exits the condensing unit it turns cold and exits the room through ducts that are connected to all the rooms in the home or office.

Ductless aircon is a type of air conditioning that doesn’t use Freon and is a good choice if you are trying to cut cost but are not able to have your Freon ducted units installed because there is not an installation fee. Ductless air conditioner uses Freon as a solvent to cool down the indoor air and forces it into the outdoor unit through a chilled out air duct. There is no heating element so the outdoor unit will need to be connected to the exterior unit or else it will overheat. Most ductless aircon systems are very quiet because they don’t use Freon and because they don’t go through an outdoor unit there is also little or no maintenance needed. They are also good for those who are not able to afford ducted air conditioners.

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Residential Pest Control – Termites, Wasps and Bees

If your home has a solid wood frame or construction then you’ll unfortunately be exposed to some of the most pesky critters in the world; termites, wasps and bees! These insects love nothing more than making their homes within, or attached to wood so finding a way to treat the problem can be the difference between your wood foundations crumbling and living undisturbed and safely.

Let’s discuss treating termites first. These small, hungry pests are well known for their destructive potential. If left untreated, they can destroy entire constructions that rely on wood for their stability. Although small, when allowed to run riot in their hundreds and thousands they can take a toll on even the sturdiest of buildings. So how can you treat them? Well there are many common chemical treatments, but these can be costly and have a very negative effect on the environment. If your problem is extreme, then you might find that you’ll have to take one of these routes, but what else can you do otherwise?

Well there are several home remedies that are ideal for treating and repelling termites. These remedies include the use of orange oil, by using freezing methods or by employing nematodes. If you can use orange oil, then you’ll find that applying it to problem-struck areas will kill termites immediately (it’s the high acid content) while staying completely safe for humans. Secondly, applying liquid nitrogen (not recommended for the inexperienced) to an affected area will kill them immediately.

The final treatment is to use nematodes, which are a specifically bred type of tiny insect that are very aggressive when confronting other insects. They are completely harmless to humans and will leave once their job is done, but they’ll fight and kill every termite that they come into contact with in no time at all.

That brings us onto wasps and bees. These insects aren’t just a nuisance when they decide to start building a nest or hive in a corner of your home, but they can be dangerous too. With many different breeds of wasp and bee, making sure to avoid being stung should be a priority, especially if you have allergies, small children or pets. The first thing to bear in mind is that these insects will become very defensive if their nest or hive is threatened and will sting.

Swatting them isn’t an option either; when a wasp or bee is in distress, they’ll release a pheromone which can attract the entire hive to their defence. So what can you actually do? Well if you have protective clothing, finding a way to destroy their nest is a good start. They won’t bother trying to rebuild once attacked; they’ll simply fly away after stinging your protective clothing.

You can also use a hose pipe from a distance to bathe the nest in waterwhich will cause it to crumble, but the smartest wasps and bees will be able to follow the trail back to your hand, so be careful. It’s well known that wasps and bees hate smoke, so lighting a small controlled fire under their nest will cause them to vacate. If you’d prefer to avoid fire, then any form of smoke will give the same result. If confrontation can be avoided, definitely do so. Read more on residential Pest Control – Termites, Wasps and Bees

Luxury Display Homes – home builders in Perth

What to Expect When Building Your Home: Luxury Home Builders Perth wa

One of the most common questions that new home builders face is what can they expect from their newly built home? Well that’s where the good news comes in to play; the great thing about building your own home is that you’re in charge of all aspects of the construction. At TrendSetter Homes, we have access to a great range of features and functions that can be as effective on paper as they are in real life.

From popular choices such as open plan living areas, entertainment facilities, dining rooms and downstairs bathrooms, to the much more exclusive and stylish audio rooms, converted master bedrooms and fully tiled en-suites. The possibilities really are endless as far as designing your own home goes, so why not get in touch with us to enquire about the unique services that we offer?

We are often asked how long construction will take from beginning to end, and this strongly depends on the amount of work required for the specific project. Unlike purchasing a home from the real estate market, the skill and craftsmanship that will go in to building your home will result in the project taking anywhere between one and six months. We always promise that all of the homes that we construct are built in a professional manner, with complete quality throughout construction.

So how can you be sure that your home is as personalized as possible? Well as a new home buyer, you’ll undoubtedly be very keen to see how your home’s construction is progressing. It’s always a good idea to be as involved in the construction process as possible. That way, you can discuss alterations, ideas and features as your home is built. This is also very beneficial if you’d simply like to monitor the way that things are going. At Unique Residence Home Renovations we’ll always aim to keep you as involved as you like, but that doesn’t mean that you’ll be expected to do any of the hard work – quite the opposite in fact.

Once you’ve decided on the way that you’d like your home to look, we’ll take care of all of the hard work so that you don’t have to. As soon as the project is completed and your home has been built, you’ll have complete access and can begin living in your home in complete comfort. You’ll also get to enjoy the features and functions that you decided to include within your home.

Over the past 25 years, we’ve found that one of the things that our clients are the most happy about is the complete comfort that they feel when living in their new homes. There’s something so appealing about living in a brand new location; a place where no one has lived before you.

If you have any question or enquiries about any of our services, or if you’d like to book your project now, please feel free to get in touch with us and our team of advisors will be more than happy to help.

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Fast Real Estate Services : Cleaning & Strata Solutions

When might you Need Exterior House Cleaning

Cleaning our homes is often a top priority and many of us go out of our way to keep our living spaces looking good all year round. There are instances when we feel like our efforts simply aren’t enough – and this may be when professionals are called in to help. But what happens when it comes to cleaning the outside of your home. Exterior house cleaning can be important at times and is often overlooked, so when might you need to get the outside of your home looking ship-shape – and will you need the professionals to do so?

Ringing in a new season

Any homeowner will understand just how much the seasons can affect the exterior of a house – and not just the siding or paintwork! Specific times of year spell disaster for houses of all shapes and sizes; from drainage problems, gutter build-ups and even loose foliage. While simply sweeping away debris in windy weather may be manageable, there are some cleaning jobs that might need the help of a professional. Damaged tree limbs can look unsightly and concrete can suffer with staining as a result of wet leaves, so calling in some expert help can make a huge difference.

Special events

When it comes to special events, we all know how important having a clean exterior can be. After all, who wants wedding photos taken outside of a dirty house? Dingy siding and dirty windows can make or break the aesthetic of your home and getting stuck in with a rag can work wonders. But do you have to put in all that effort? When house cleaning companies that offer exterior cleaning have access to heavy-duty cleaning products and pressure washers and can have your home looking brand new in next to no time at all, there’s really no need.

Selling your home

When you want to sell your home, it’s no secret that first impressions have a big impact and can even make or break a sale. When a few simple steps can be undertaken, it seems silly not to go the extra mile to ensure that your home looks clean and tidy.

If you are too busy to take care of the finer details, hiring a cleaning company can be a good idea. Cleaning gutters, pressure-washing debris from between tiles and even adding window boxes or some fresh gravel to your driveway can easily add hundreds (or even thousands) to the re-sale value of your home, so why not make the most of your curb-appeal from the offset?

End of Lease & Strata Cleaning – All Areas Sydney

Canterbury Property Services – ways to create wealth through real estate

Planning to retire at a comfortable financial state fueled by your real estate investments? If you answered yes, then you are not alone. Many of Australian homeowners have turned to real estate investing with Canterbury Property Services for that very purpose. But just like so many others, many of have also learned the hard way, purchasing too many rental properties has never been a smooth ride to real estate wealth. There are so many hidden costs associated with renting out properties that can quickly pile up to one’s self.

One of the most important things when it comes to property investing and real estate is being aware of the market fluctuations. Always keep tabs on the trends and changes that occur in the real estate industry. If you find that the real estate market or property values are fluctuating, it is important to be wary and analyze where these changes are coming from.

This is the only way to ensure you are making the right move in terms of your investment and property owning endeavors. Do not simply buy property because it looks lucrative or simply buy properties that are in foreclosure. You will need to do your research and find out if the property will actually appreciate and bring you passive rental income. To learn more about becoming a passive rental income generating real estate investor, register for a free real estate investing newsletter. In no time at all, you will receive valuable information on real estate investment, foreclosure properties, property value and other valuable real estate investing information. Author Dan Croke

Roller Door Repairs

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Denali Pools

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Choosing the Best Swimming Pool Design for Your Property – Denali Pools Austin Tx

Regardless of whether you’re hoping to have an indoor pool installed or if you’re keen to have one constructed in your garden – the chances are that you will want to consider your swimming pool design above all else. With so many unique styles and aesthetics to choose from, not to mention the variation in allocated spaces where the swimming areas will be built; it will definitely pay to invest in an expert pool building company for the advice and expertise that they bring to the table.

When choosing the best pool design for your property, there are several important elements the guys at DenaliPools can help you think about.

The shape

As common as it is to see rectangular or square pools, that doesn’t make them a necessity – and many home owners find that they prefer angular shapes. These shapes don’t just look unique, they are often better suited to fitting into particular spaces and can work wonders on the aesthetics of a swimming area.

The size

No two spaces are the same and this will definitely dictate the size of a pool. Even smaller locations can feature a nice looking swimming area – especially if it’s an option to dig a little deeper. The size will depend on the space available, as well as the home owner’s preference. If they are hoping for an Olympic size pool then they will need a garden big enough to facilitate it. In most instances, a pool measuring 6 to 10 metres in length will be big enough for an entire family and guests.

The features

Many swimming spaces can offer standard features like boards and entry points (built in steps or external steps), but it’s always an option to have the exterior converted to provide a little more aesthetic appeal. Rockeries can be a great addition, as can slides and even small waterfalls. A good pool development company will be able to offer advice relating to the features and so it’s a good idea to get in touch with one before going ahead with the project.

The functionality

Even the greatest looking water features might leave a little something to be desired if they lack functionality. A good garden pool builder will know what it takes to enhance the level of functionality, without detracting from the overall appeal of a swimming space. As long as it can be accessed easily (or offer restricted access if small children and pets are present), then it should be suitable. Other functions can be installed to add a little more versatility – but the home owner’s specific needs should be prioritised in all instances and a pool construction company will be able to offer advice on this matter.

Check out Denali Pools and their Facebook page for pool building.

Cohen Handler – helping you find the right home

How to Find the Right Home | Melbourne Property Buyers Agent

When it comes to buying a property, one of the most detrimental mistakes that a potential buyer can make is to rush the process. Even the quickest transactions can take months, so it doesn’t make much sense to strive for a decision in the first couple of weeks and then spend the next few months wondering if the right decision was made in the first place.

Wherever the property is being bought in Australia, from the coast of Queensland to the inner Sydney city, here are a few tips and techniques to maximise your chance of finding the right one.

Viewing is key

It’s easy to fall in love with the first property viewed – after all many potential buyers are so keen to purchase something that they can call their own, that they are willing to overlook their own preferences. This can be a very bad idea and will typically cause long term suffering. Instead of opting for one of the first viewed, it might be a better option to take a look at ten to twenty potential homes instead. By the fifth or sixth you’ll already have a better idea of what you’re looking for and this can work wonders for your final decision.

Don’t be afraid to negotiate

Once the dream property has been discovered, the next step is to put in an offer. Many new home buyers make the mistake of meeting the asking price; but in reality this amount will typically be several thousand above the valuation. Instead, put in a lower offer (sometimes up to tens’ of thousands lower) and consider this a starting point. The best case scenario will be that the previous owner is keen to sell and will drop the price to suit. The worst case is that they might want to meet in the middle – but either way money is saved.

Define your specifications with your estate agent

If an agency has been hired, then there’s no better way to narrow down the possibilities than by having them take care of the hard work. Simply let them know the size of the home wanted, the amount of bedrooms, any key features and other contributing factors. The agency will review their portfolio and will only source the properties that match your specifications; all but eliminating wasted viewing times for housing that may not be suitable.

Keep your options open

No matter how much a particular home is sought after, there will be another just as enticing somewhere else. If an offer has been rejected or if the property has been snapped up by someone else – there’s no harm in going back to the drawing board. Simply start again, view new properties and don’t stop until you find one that meets your every need.

See more at CohenHandler

Sydney Painters PlatinumPainting Launch New Website For Eastern Suburbs

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Get Creative with an Interior Painter

So, you want to update the look and overall feel of your home, but something’s holding you back. Are you stuck for ideas on what colours you like? Do you have the design ideas to create a beautiful, statement room, but don’t have the know-how to get it done right? Well an interior painter may just be the answer to your dilemma! Not only will a professional painter and decorator be able to provide you with a fantastic finish for your home, but the hands-on experience of a professional can give you a clearer idea of what will and will not work around your home. Let’s take a look how you can get creative with an interior painter.

Discuss your ideas and spaces

You really can energize an outdated room with a few simple coats of paint. The right colour and design can give specific rooms a fresh new perspective, or even a whole new function. Hiring an interior painter can mean the difference between a stunning new aesthetic and a near miss finish, so fully discuss your ideas and what you want from your spaces before you begin the project to ensure that you get exactly what you want.

Choosing the right look

An interior painter is not just there to paint a singular colour in a room for you. They are professionals who wants to take your ideas and bring them to life to the highest possible standard. This means that if you want a chalkboard wall, big and bold flowers, wide horizontal stripes and more, your professional will be able to pull out all the stops.

Don’t limit yourself to the walls

It’s a common misconception that an interior painter will only paint your walls, so why not hire a professional to paint your floors or staircases instead? The right painter will be able to choose the right kind of paint for the job at hand, and how best to prep the area. He/she will also be able to calculate spaces for chosen design ideas, such as stripes, so that everything looks neat and tidy.


While your interior painter may not be able to paint a mural, he/she will be able to paint baseboards, crown molding, doorframes and ceilings; and you may decide that you want to experiment with contrasting colours or designs. Just make sure of any added costs before you hand over the brushes!

It really is simple to get creative with an interior painter, as long as you clearly define what you want and how you want it, you’ll have the perfect space for you in no time at all.

If you would like more information on how to get creative with an interior painter, or about how to hire one of our professionals to paint your dream home for you, our friendly staff at platinumpainters.com.au look forward to hearing from you!

Wall Removal – Removing Load Bearing Walls

Removing Load Bearing Walls


There often comes a time in every home owner’s life where they feel the need to remove a load bearing wall. Whether a load bearing wall is an eyesore within your property, or if it just simply messes with the flow of your home, you may find it’s time to totally change up your living space. But what do you actually do when removing load bearing walls? Let’s take a look at all of the things that you need to consider before you make that all important decision!


What is a load bearing wall?


A load bearing wall refers to the wall(s) that both hold and distribute the weight of your home evenly across the entire structure. As these walls need to ‘bear the load’ of floors, ceilings and more, they need to be pretty heavy duty. What this means for you is that it’s a tricky task, but it’s by no means an impossible one.


Which walls are load bearing?


When it comes to wall removal, you need to know which walls are load-bearing before you start the project of removing them. Load bearing walls are typically found around the center of a building, and often run at right angles to the floor joists. It may be worth it to bear in mind that if a wall doesn’t have any extra walls, posts, or alternative supports directly above it, then it’s not likely to be load-bearing. Looking within your attic can also give you clues as to whether walls are load bearing or not, because ‘knee’ walls (3″ or shorter walls that support roof rafters) are generally placed directly above load bearing walls in many structures.


Alternative methods of support for load bearing walls


When you remove a load bearing wall, it is essential that you implement an alternative method to support the weight of your home’s structure. There are a few different methods that you can choose from, so be sure to find out exactly which will work best for your living space before you begin wall removal. Posts and headers and even load-bearing beams can more than do the job and although the project may require heavy lifting and some carpentry, it shouldn’t be too hard to undertake.


Taking the necessary precautions before you remove a load bearing wall


You will need to acquire a permit from your local authority before removing or replacing load bearing walls, as it is against the law to undertake any major structural changes without gaining the correct permissions. When you submit the paperwork for your permit, a building inspector will have the opportunity to double check all of your planned changes, which will work to ensure that the wall removal project itself is safe. You may find that the certain floor systems need to be better supported, or that you may need to use slightly different materials to what you have already planned to use, to get the safest possible alternative support for your home.


If you would like more information about removing load bearing walls at home, or if you need a professional team to tackle the project for you, please feel free contact us here at http://www.hypergrind.com.au/ for all of your wall removal needs.