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Tips for Your Next Interior Decorating Project

Most home owners will take a level of pride in their home unlike anything else in their lives, and keeping it looking fresh and stylish all year round is a priority for many people. When it comes to interior decorating there’s no better option than hiring an expert designer such as J&E Kogan Painting to take care of the hard work – but that doesn’t mean that an owner can’t have their say on the unique elements that will go into their renovated room or living area.

Here are a few tips to help to maximise the effect of the design and how to achieve the best results possible.

Evaluate the room’s layout

It’s all well and good removing furniture and fittings with the intention of installing a new set, but where will these new features be positioned to maximise their impact – and how will they complement one another? Regardless of the size of the room and no matter how often it might be used; it will definitely pay to think about the layout of your new design before introducing the individual elements.

Decide on a colour scheme

Once you’ve identified the types of features that you’d like included within the room, the next step is to pick a colour scheme. Experts recommend limiting a colour palette, so as to avoid excessive shades and hues. Aim to pick one central colour – perhaps a pastel tone to act as the backdrop for all components within the room. Then select a complementary colour, followed by a final shade to use for trim, accessories and other fittings. Once you have a scheme in mind, it will be fairly straight forward to choose features that match the theme.

Get in touch with an expert

Many home owners spend months planning a room redecoration, only to find their enthusiasm dwindling as they attempt to complete the project. This isn’t uncommon and it’s one of the main reasons why thousands of property owners choose to hire the services of an interior designer. Not only will they specialise in the design and development of a particular living space; they will know exactly what to do to maximise the results.

Don’t be afraid to change your mind

Although adhering to a plan can help to ensure the smooth running of a project, it can also be a little challenging as far as progress is concerned. When renovating a room, you might find that you prefer a particular feature, or that you’ve changed your mind about a certain element. There’s nothing wrong with this – after all it is your home and your comfort should be a priority. Discuss your option with your design expert and you might even find that they can recommend specific styles to further aid in your expectations.