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How much money can I save with an eco-pump.


You will almost always save money with an eco-pump the question is how much will I save and is it worthwhile.


Eco-pumps come in two types, there is the older three speed model where each individual speed is fixed and cannot be changed, there is also a newer variable speed model which has three buttons low medium high each of which can be adjusted to whatever speed you like.swimming pool suppliers

The new adjustable speed pumps do not cost much more than the older fixed 3 speed version and have a significant advantage in that you can set your pool up to its most economical flow rate.


The amounts of money you can save very much depends on what size pump is already installed in your pool.

At $0.28 per kilowatt a 1 hp pump that is running eight hours per day in late spring /summer, four hours per day in winter and six hours per day in spring and autumn will cost the following.


Spring summer 18 weeks 28c x .75kw 7 x 8 x 18 = $211.68

Spring autumn  21 weeks 28c x .75kw 7 x 6 x 21 = $185.22

Winter               13 weeks 28c x .75kw 7 x 4 x 13 =$76.44


Total  =$473.34


Total operating cost for a 1 hp pump is  $473.34

Total operating cost for a 1.5 hp pump is $710.01


Some older 1 hp pumps and 1.5 hp pumps will consume up to 20% more energy than this, so it’s clear when a pump manufacturer advertises their three speed pump or eco-pump as saving over thousand dollars per year unless the pump prints money this can’t be done.


However eco-pumps can save you a significant amount of money and pay for themselves very quickly especially if you currently have a 1.5 hp pump.


An eco-pump will have to run for longer hours than a standard pool pump the cost calculation looks like this.


Spring summer 18 weeks 28c x .2kw 7 x 14 x 18 = $98.78

Spring autumn  21 weeks 28c x .2kw 7 x 10 x 21 = $82.32

Winter               13 weeks 28c x .2kw 7 x   7 x 13 = $35.67


Total = $216.77


total operating cost for an eco-pump replacing a 1.0 hp pump is   $216.77

total operating cost for an eco-pump replacing a 1.5 hp pump is    $295.00


The reason why an eco-pump costs more to run when it is being used to replace a 1.5 hp pump is that the pump will have to be run at a higher setting or for more hours because typically the 1.5 hp pump is fitted to a larger pool that has a higher water circulation requirement.


As you can see the savings are huge, when you can run an eco-pump at its lowest setting you will save between $250 and $415 per year.


Unfortunately you can not always run an eco-pump at its lowest setting. The two main reasons this will occur is when you have a suction automatic pool cleaner connected to your skimmer box and when you have a salt chlorinator.

Most suction automatic pool cleaners require a higher setting on the pump to clean the pool and if you have an automatic salt chlorinator the eco-pump may not fill the cell up with water requiring a higher setting on the pump.


If you have a suction pool cleaner connected to your skimmer it is more likely that the eco-pump will run on its medium setting so the operating cost of the pump will increase to $300 per year when replacing a 1 hp pump or to $400 per year if replacing a 1.5 hp pump.


The operating cost of the eco-pump can be $300 to $400 per year if the speed is turned up to fill the salt cell if fitted.


The savings are still significant but you won’t save a thousand dollars per year on your pool operating costs






Piggybacking Security: How Can You Solve The Problem Of Tag-Along Users?

Piggybacking Security: How Can You Solve The Problem Of Tag-Along Users?

tailgating and piggybacking securityWhen you offer a key or card security system you’ll already understand the problem of piggybacking. Undoubtedly one of the most abused weaknesses of an automated access control system, this particular structure doesn’t filter the number of people that it grants access to. For the most part all these systems allow is the electronic control of a particular door at any given time, so this allows people who don’t have access the option to gain entry to your building or secure area by default. As long as a non-authorized person waits for someone who carries the key to either enter or exit, they can get in.

So how do you solve the problem of piggybacking security when a lot of the issues are caused by social etiquette? In many cases, the person tagging along is open about entering the space, either grabbing the door as somebody leaves, or calling out for the person to hold the door open as they go through. Its human nature to be polite, so good security practices fall by the wayside much more often than the probability of the system itself breaking down.

It’s important to recognize that piggybacking security is likely to be the biggest weakness in your entire security system as most focus in terms of security is usually on the CCTV installation and monitoring. Many business and security personnel are concerned about issues such as duplicated security cards and hacking, but piggybacking is actually far less sophisticated and much more accessible to those who want to gain unauthorized access; particularly for access points that are subject to a high volume of both employee and visitor traffic.

While you can begin to tighten your security measures by offering employee training for security awareness, it’s a good idea to invest in an “anti-tailgating” device. Anti-tailgating devices were developed by leading security institutions in recent years to combat the problem of piggybacking entirely. You can find a range of options, both small and large, to suit your individual needs. Some of the devices are:

  • Mechanical turnstiles (in half and full height options)
  • Optical turnstiles
  • Security revolving doors
  • Security portals
  • Doorway anti-tailgating devices
  • Video analytics systems

The basic function of each is to permit only one authorized user to either enter or leave the area or building at any given time. This can be by way of either a physical barrier or an electronic one that will detect when a person attempts to piggyback the system.

Choosing the right Tailgating Security Device

Choosing the right anti-tailgating device can and will make all of the difference to your current security issues. You need to first consider the extent of your overall security risk, your ability to provide the right amount of security staff to monitor exits and entrances, how quickly your team can respond to alarms and your budget for not just the initial purchase of the device, but also for the ongoing maintenance of the new system. Once you have the right anti-tailgating devices in place, piggybacking security will become a thing of the past.

OH&S Training: Create a secure, safe and well managed building site

It is the duty of employers to take care for ensuring that all your employees are equipped with apposite training in their rights and responsibilities under the OH&S training act. Employers who have ignored and neglected this aspect due to operational or even the time restriction put their company as well as staff at risk.


OH&S training provides employers with a cost effective solution which aims to ensure that all employees are properly trained within the first few hours of starting their employment. The courses are specifically designed for companies that want to implement OH&S training management systems. An effective OH&S management system successfully boosts the staff morale; allows them to concentrate on core business activities that are also reflected in the form of the increased level of performance and productivity.


Your employees can simply log on and do the course online onsite as well without consuming the precious time from the supervisor or the HR department of the organisation. The online courses on OH&S training cover all key topics required under the various State Acts in order to ensure that complete and proper knowledge transfer takes place among the new employee. Many of the employees are able to complete the course in less than an hour – this gives your company a legal testimony about the training completion and that your employees are fully-informed and ready. By Joe Nahas


An OH&S training system allows you to create a safe, secure and well-managed workplace through:

  • Identification and minimisation of the hazards associated with your organisation’s business
  • Decrease in risks of legal action for employee’s compensation and liability claims
  • Reduction in the incidents, accidents and injuries that take place at the workplace
  • Providing due diligence confirmation should an incident or accident occur


Overall, the OH&S training courses benefit employers, workers, as well as supervisors.

More at http://stag.net.au/


Why Its Important To Consider Safety First During The Construction Of Real Estate

Article One – Overhead Cranes Safety Tips

Overhead cranes are used in different sectors to make it easy for them to do the heavy lifting. One of the most commonly used is the bridge crane. It has elevated tracks and allows the operator to move the hook in three axes. Then there is the gantry crane, which is supported on the floor. Gantry cranes are used when the workplace is a temporary site.

Overhead cranes must be installed properly in order to avoid accidents while using them in the future. Eilbeck cranes have been in the business for a long time and known as one of the best in the world. Its products are used in various industries all over the world.

Overhead cranes require maintenance and inspection before and after their use. Most operators fail to do the required safety routine before using them because they are working just fine the previous day. Crane operators must be trained to follow the safety tips to ensure the well-being of everyone in the workplace.

When using a hook, it is vital that you inspect it personally. Find out whether there are physical damages. Be sure to check the controls and suspension system as well.

Chains and slings of overhead cranes can be damaged when unused or placed in storage. Be sure to check for breaks or tears and replace them right away. A small tear can lead to a big accident in the workplace.

Before using overhead cranes, inspect the chain hoist, crane, controls, and beams. Be on the lookout for changes that have occurred since the last time they were used.

Check the condition of the wire rope hoist. Make sure that there are no deformations or cracks due to wear and tear. Most damage occurs at the controller or the pendant of the hoist.

The work area must have signs, protective partitions and guards to remind operators of the safety practices while using overhead cranes.

When using the overhead crane for the first time during the shift, the operator must look out for irregular sound and motions. These are indicators of likely troubles and safety issues. When an operator become aware of strange vibrations and sounds, turn off the crane right away and contact a supervisor to find out how to fix the issue.

Turn on the crane and let it run without any loads. The operator should check the settings for the lower and upper limit switch.

Overhead cranes have a power delivery system that should be in good working condition. It must not be altered or damaged.

These tips must be followed in order to maintain the safety in the workplace. And be sure to check out Eilbeck’s products if you are looking for safe overhead cranes.
More from EilBeck at http://www.eilbeckcranes.com/overhead-cranes/

Adding New Features to your Home

Adding New Features to your Home

residential construction company kaleidoscopensw.com.auOne of the greatest feelings in the world is owning your own property and being able to undertake residential renovations to better improve its features. But these building renovations can often be a hard task to complete correctly, especially for new home builders. So what can you do if you’re keen to add these residential additions without detracting from the value and functionality of your property?

Well fortunately, there are many great construction services available in Sydney to help with all of your building renovation requirements. The main thing to bear in mind is that certain regions will require planning permission from their local authority before residential additions are permitted to be constructed. This is a simple matter to take care of and will often involve a phone call, written letter or visit to the establishment in charge of building extensions and features.

Once you have planning permission, you’re free to undertake your project with minimal restrictions. If your project include the erection of custom fences, then it’s always a good idea to speak with your neighbours or anyone that the fence may effect. If you are responsible for the fence, then finding a happy medium is the best way to ensure that your project continues unhindered. The same would apply for all forms of garden wall construction, especially if the wall is to be constructed with wood or brick as it may need maintaining every couple of years to perform as intended.

Top Things To Look For When Hiring Electricians

electricians in SydneyTop Things To Look For When Hiring Electricians

There are a lot of things that you will have to do in order to maintain your house and preserve this important investment. While some of this projects are things that you can complete without professional assistance, others will require the used of licensed providers. This is especially true of electricians. There is very little electrical work that homeowners are recommended to complete on there own.

Fortunately, finding a good Sydney electrician is actually very easy. There are tons of resources on the web that can assist you in these efforts. For instance, you can access detailed ratings and reviews, professional websites and even consumer ratings organizations. Always shop around for companies that have before and after images of their past works, customer testimonials and an impressive overall work history.

One of the most important things to look for when hiring these professionals is a good supply company. No matter what type of work you have performed on your home, it is always a good idea to secure your project materials from the company that will be providing the labor. This ensures that all customer satisfaction guarantees remain fully in tact.

You might be impressed by flashy advertising campaigns and high profile locations, however, it is vital to note that these things cost money. Companies that maintain more modest operations and that rely on good word of mouth advertising will usually have far lower overhead costs. As a result, they are able to pass more savings down to you.

Before finalizing any hiring decisions, you have to make sure that an electrician is going to give you a solid work contract. This should include your satisfaction guarantee, the materials specifications for the project and a breakdown of all job pricing. This document can be used for recourse should you decide that you are unhappy with the work that is performed. More at http://www.mccueelectrical.com.au/

Residential & Commercial Shelving Solutions

A Quick Look At Shelving Solutions

When individuals are looking for ways to organize their home, they will have to consider how to go about the process. With some nice shelving solutions, men and women can organize their clutter. Each room in the residence will look better than it has in years.

Special bookshelves can be placed in the living room so that homeowners can stack their books with the spines facing outward. In fact, when individuals need a classic work of literature, they’ll know exactly where to find it. Both fiction and non-fiction can be placed on bookshelves.

Large shelves should always be bolted to the wall with a bracket and a piece of string. This will prevent the furniture item from tipping over, which will eliminate the chance of an injury. Experienced individuals can ensure that the bracket has been bolted to the wall in the correct manner.

Most units can be made out of any kind of material. While wooden units will work fine for most homeowners, some people will want metal units. Wooden commercial shelving units can be made from oak, cherry, pine or any other elegant material. Magnolia might also be used in some instances. Wood that is kept free of scratches will retain its value much better.

People can also store clothes in plastic units. When the cold weather arrives, for instance, men and women should place their summer clothes in giant storage bins. The bins can then be stored underneath the bed or in a closet until the warm weather arrives again six months later.

In the end, putting together a good organizational plan does not have to be all that hard. As long as individuals research their options, they can find mezzanine shelving and racking solutions that works for them. With dedication, the residence will look gleaming new going forward. Family members will be thrilled with the effort.

Common Causes of Blocked Drains

Common Causes of Blocked Drains

It is never cheap to call a plumber to unclog your blocked drains. This is why it is important to avoid items that could cause blockage to keep the drains running properly. Here are some of the simple things that cause expensive plumbing costs.

The first one is the hair. Hair in the shower drain and bathroom sink can build up over time. Pasta should never be thrown down the drain. Grease sticks to the pipes and can lead to clogs. Paper products such as paper towels and toilet paper can also cause blocked drains, especially if you flush too much at one time.

Beautiful Garage Doors – An Excellent Entry Point For Your Home

Merlin Garage Doors Offer Security And Peace Of Mind

You get home late from a hard day of work; you drive your car up to your closed garage door and gradually allow your car to come to a halt. Begrudgingly you slowly open your car door and get out of your car, here you are again, tired from a long hard day of working you now have to manually open this huge garage door and get back into your car, drive it into the garage and then manually close the garage door again.

This would not be an issue if you had an electric Merlin garage door in Perth or other Australian cities as an automatic door opener.

Leadlights and Stained Glass

One of the most beautiful additions you can make to your home are decorative windows. Leadlights and stained glass are a beautiful touch and add some colour on gloomy days.

these can be added new to an existing property or if you are doing renovations to an older style building you can carefully restore the original stained glass windows to its original condition. Either way you will need a dedicated professional who really understands their trade. Leadlight and stained glass repairs in the Sydney suburbs like Mosman or the North Shore can be fixed up by http://www.ameakinleadlights.com.au/.