Fixing Your Toilet

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  1. That save me some time and money. Thanks. My problem was the water level
    was higher then the overflow. All it took was a minute with a Phillips
    screwdriver and my problem was solved. Thanks Jeff Patterson

  2. Thank you. Not only we save money, but many times plumbers don’t want to
    take a trip to your house if what is at hand is a minor repair. Many of
    them are after the “big bucks”. 

  3. Hey Jeff. I don’t know if you answered this one or not I watched the video
    but didn’t see my problem. It runs but only like every 15-30 mins and only
    runs for like 5 or less seconds if you or anyone else knows the fix or
    problem plz let me know.

  4. Great vid! But the ring under the flap is what’s leaking the water in my
    toilet. What should I do to properly seal the ring? When I pass my finger
    over the ring it leaves black residue as if it’s degrading, it’s an old

  5. Yep, I probably need a fill valve, too. Are they pretty much universal? I
    have an Aqua Source….only a couple years old. Thanks for the tutorial!

  6. after watching your video i believe we have flow cup problem wch i need to
    change.. water is keep running from toilet as that flow cup doesn’t go down
    so water keep filling in the tank and keep running in the toilet. Great tip
    thanks for that
    BUT only question is how to replace that flow cup ? could you explain or
    post a video so i can buy it and replace it by myself at home ?

  7. That worked. Thanks. I will have to replace the floater eventually coz it
    seems to have lost some of its buoyancy but for now just tweaking it

  8. Show how to replace the Universal fill valve I am sure that is what my
    problem is. The ball works fine and the flapper doesn’t seem bad. The
    little rubber ring at the bottom of the Fill Valve looks pretty bad

  9. thanks man, you covered pretty much everything for the running toilet
    problem.. I will try buying the fill valve as it seems my toilet loves to
    keep running water even though fill bulb is pretty low and should stop
    water flow.

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