Leadlight Repairs

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  1. Thanks for your kind words… ­čÖé Keep in mind I have been doing stained
    glass for 30 years, so yes I suppose being out of your league is
    expected…. Look at it this way,… if I can be there, then it gives you a
    place to shoot for a? YEP!

  2. thanks so much! We bought an old craftman style home 8 years ago with every
    leaded glass door broken– I used to do some stained glass (foiling only)
    years ago– and so I’ve always said I would repair it– but have
    procrastinating getting started. After seeing your video– I’m on my way!
    Thanks so much!

  3. Excellent!! I’m a beginner and was looking for a way to correct a a misQ on
    my part. I enjoy watching your videos, they have helped tremendously. Thank
    you so much!

  4. You can attempt bending the leads out,… however….. good luck with
    that…. What will probably work with the diamonds is cutting just 3 of
    it’s four sides. Yes you’ll need copper foil to complete this technique,
    the copper tape lays the foundation for the new soldered bead work.

  5. different way of doing it,seems very long winded,the leadedlight must come
    out as it went in,but that aside I like your way of thinking,iv’e been a
    professional leadedlight maker for 28years and I still learn new ways of
    doing things now and again

  6. Lovely work. I wish the ones I have to repair were in such great
    condition…as a newbie at repairing, the ones I’m working on, the glass
    has fallen out with the solders broken and the putty brittle..I like it
    that you used copper foil and no putty, but would that last in a window
    exposed to the weather? cheers fantastic…Tam

  7. I’ve got a couple of old broken tin and glass lanterns I’ve been wanting to
    repair. Should I be using a particular solder that favors the structural
    aspect of repair work? Fantastic video!´╗┐

  8. Great video. I have an old 1930 leaded glass front door. I love the thing
    but the glass seems to flex and shake at the lead joints every time the
    door is open or shut. Is there a way to strengthen old leaded glass panels?

  9. Thank you! Wanting to build a greenhouse out of old windows. The front two
    will be some beautiful leaded glass windows we salvaged. All windows have
    several broken panels and the leaded windows have broken sections. Hubby
    tells me project is far fetched. I will fix the leaded windows like you
    just showed me (I have a list I’m taking to Hobby Lobby off your tutorial)
    and then I’ll start on the window pane windows. When I’m done, he better
    get a carpenter here to construct my greenhouse! :)´╗┐

  10. Couple of questions:
    1. How do you deal with glass shards in the towel? Barefoot with glass
    2. On the foiled edges, did you wrap three sides, only the top and
    vertical, or only the top?´╗┐

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