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Choosing the Best Swimming Pool Design for Your Property – 

Regardless of whether you’re hoping to have an indoor pool installed or if you’re keen to have one constructed in your garden – the chances are that you will want to consider your swimming pool design above all else. With so many unique styles and aesthetics to choose from, not to mention the variation in allocated spaces where the swimming areas will be built; it will definitely pay to invest in an expert pool building company for the advice and expertise that they bring to the table.

When choosing the best pool design for your property, there are several important elements the guys at DenaliPools can help you think about.

The shape

As common as it is to see rectangular or square pools, that doesn’t make them a necessity – and many home owners find that they prefer angular shapes. These shapes don’t just look unique, they are often better suited to fitting into particular spaces and can work wonders on the aesthetics of a swimming area.

The size

No two spaces are the same and this will definitely dictate the size of a pool. Even smaller locations can feature a nice looking swimming area – especially if it’s an option to dig a little deeper. The size will depend on the space available, as well as the home owner’s preference. If they are hoping for an Olympic size pool then they will need a garden big enough to facilitate it. In most instances, a pool measuring 6 to 10 metres in length will be big enough for an entire family and guests.

The features

Many swimming spaces can offer standard features like boards and entry points (built in steps or external steps), but it’s always an option to have the exterior converted to provide a little more aesthetic appeal. Rockeries can be a great addition, as can slides and even small waterfalls. A good pool development company will be able to offer advice relating to the features and so it’s a good idea to get in touch with one before going ahead with the project.

The functionality

Even the greatest looking water features might leave a little something to be desired if they lack functionality. A good garden pool builder will know what it takes to enhance the level of functionality, without detracting from the overall appeal of a swimming space. As long as it can be accessed easily (or offer restricted access if small children and pets are present), then it should be suitable. Other functions can be installed to add a little more versatility – but the home owner’s specific needs for pool care should be prioritised in all instances and a pool construction company will be able to offer advice on this matter.

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