What type of AirCon suits your lifestyle?

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Ducted air conditioning is a type of conditioning system that uses Freon to cool down the inside of a home or office. Instead of relying on refrigerant to cool the interior, it uses Freon that acts as a solvent that removes heat from the air. It is a great alternative to traditional refrigeration because it does not have any moving parts and is quite easy to use. However, it can be very expensive to install because it is usually part of a split system aircon that uses ductwork to move the air to the rooms. If you do not have your own HVAC ducts installed, you will not be able to use this type of system.

Split air conditioning systems are made up of a Freon tube in the back and a condensing unit at the front. The Freon heats up the refrigerant to make the refrigerant gas cooler so that it can be released into the air. When air comes in it passes through the Freon back into the compressor where the gas turns into a low moisture vapour and enters the condensing unit where cold water is condensed to make the refrigerant gas even colder. When the air exits the condensing unit it turns cold and exits the room through ducts that are connected to all the rooms in the home or office.

Ductless aircon is a type of air conditioning that doesn’t use Freon and is a good choice if you are trying to cut cost but are not able to have your Freon ducted units installed because there is not an installation fee. Ductless air conditioner uses Freon as a solvent to cool down the indoor air and forces it into the outdoor unit through a chilled out air duct. There is no heating element so the outdoor unit will need to be connected to the exterior unit or else it will overheat. Most ductless aircon systems are very quiet because they don’t use Freon and because they don’t go through an outdoor unit there is also little or no maintenance needed. They are also good for those who are not able to afford ducted air conditioners.

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